Thursday, 22 January 2015

Tefal - The French know how to cook

Tefal - The French Revolution of cooking

I think non-stick Tefal Pans are perfection on earth. What I want to talk about in this article today is the French saucepan manufacturers Tefal. You see, not only do the French know how to cook, they know how to create high quality cookware that enhances your cooking skills at home and even makes your food taste exquisite. Tefal have been around forever and are a very popular brand in the United Kingdom. They have a number of tefal pan sets that are very popular. One popular set is the Jamie Oliver stainless steel range. It still makes me smile to think of a very British chef teaming up with a very French company. Funnily enough, I think they complement each other well.

You have got to hand it to the French. They know their food. They know how to cook it and eat it without becoming obese! 10 years ago, I went on a day trip to France with a group of Friends. I don’t remember a lot about it apart from the food. We had crepes for lunch which tasted amazing. Then in the evening we had a spectacular three course meal and a bottle of wine for 20 Euros.

 If we were to have the same meal in the United Kingdom it would probably have cost us three times the price and still been cooked by a Frenchman. Having said that, with the cost and time involved in nipping across to France, maybe £60 for nice French meal in England is pretty reasonable.

One of the cookware sets they created is the TefalIngenio cookware range. It has been available in France for the past five years or more but only just become available in Britain in the last two. It has the usual features you would expect from Tefal like a non-stick coating, heat spot indicator to let you know the perfect time to start cooking and wonderful design. What makes there design unique is the fact the handles are detachable. Not only are they fabulous to cook with and clean up afterwards, but they are wonderful to store as well because they take up much less space.

So if you are in the market for a new set of pots and pans, check out the Tefal range, because, as I said before, the French know how to cook.

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